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the luxury mercedes car santorini uber

The luxury mercedes car is for those who want to transfer in Santorini in Luxury, It is available for Santorini wedding transfers and other events.

Luxury Mercedes Carfor Special Occasions
The family santorini uber car

The family 4x4 car is for families of up to 4 people. It is fully luxurious and offers ultimate comfort for your uber transfer in Santorini

The Family CarFor ultimate Comfort
santorini uber mercedes minibus

The Luxurious Mercedes minibus is for bigger groups from 10 - 19 people, Usually big groups of friends or Teams hire the Mercedes Minibus. For transportation in Santorini

The Mercedes MinibusFor bigger group transportation
santorini uber regular taxi

The regular Santorini uber Taxi is at the lowest cost of transportation for the traveller who travels alone, Very Affordable and much cheaper than the other Taxi Services in Santorini.

The regular Uber TaxiLow Rates, For the single Traveler

Uber like Service in Santorini Greece!

Why Reserve your online transfer?

Reserving your transportation online in Santorini via uber service is the easiest way and the cheapest. Luxurious and Safe transfers from proffesional drivers that went freelance! Cheaper than a Taxi and faster than a local bus. Santorini Uber like services offer private transfers in Santorini for every kind of individual and their company, You have the option of Luxury mercedes cars for transportation in case you'd prefer a more luxurious transfer and the option of a simple Santorini Taxi car to get the job done. Santorini Uber drivers are proffesional drivers that love cruising and find what they do very enjoyable, Always with a smile on our faces we strive for an excellent uber Santorini service at all times. Time is not a Problem! No matter when your arrival or departure is we will be there for you! No double fees no extra costs! Santorini uber offers the same rates for many years now and we'll continue our excellent services at the same prices. Taxis in Santorini usually over charge the tourists and charge double the fees after 12AM. That will never happen with us! Have a look at our Prices and decide on your own if booking your online transfer in Santorini with Santorini uber is a good idea! Contact us regarding your Transportation in Santorini and receive a reply within an hour! We take our clients very seriously and we understand that last minute bookings might be stressful so there is always somebody standing by to reply to your emails and concerns. All further information will be provided via emails or Phone Calls!

Why Choose Santorini Uber

  • Low Prices of course!

    We are against overcharging on any time of the year, that be low or high season. A Car Hire in Santorini or any other place should be charged by how much the service is worth!
  • Excellent Service

    We are people too and we give our clients what we would like to be given to us! We are always on time, Clean cars, assistance with accomodation and everything else we can in general!
  • Santorini Uber like Drivers are locals

    We are honored to drive our clients anywhere they like on our beautiful island, We take pride on the beauty of Santorini and we love showing what we have to offer. On a Tour in Santorini we will take you to the best of the best! To try our local products and see the beauty of Santorini. We are proffesionals but locals as well! With just a call or Email we'll be there a blink of an eye. Every road is familiar to us and even if you ever get lost we'll come to get you!
  • Easy and simple Reservations.

    An email will do! Book your transfer in Santorini uber like via just 1 email. Let us know the information regarding the pick up and your destination, book your date and that's all! No hidden fees or extra costs. Santorini uber is what you read. Contact us to find out more..

Santorini Uber Characteristics

English Speaking 100%
Driving Experience 100%
Punctuality 100%
Cars Luxury 100%
Satisfaction 100%

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